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Today’s real estate market can be complicated – even overwhelming.  Whether you are a seller, first time buyer, seasoned professional investor, or recent arrival to a new area; it helps to have qualified, adept, and courteous brokers guide you through the experience in order to protect your interests.   Jim and Sharon Hamilton leverage their combined professionalism, experience, and knowledge to complete your real estate transactions professionally and promptly. These devoted real estate brokers work side-by-side to exceed your expectations.  They have a reputation for remarkable competence, unmatched dedication to customer service, and for a calm, caring, committed, and meticulous approach.

Jim specializes in commercial real estate and development properties. His keen eye for technical information, detail, and analytical style are enormous assets in the real estate business.  Jim is a retired Air Force veteran and holds a Ph.D. in Engineering.

Sharon has completed the highest levels of real estate professional certifications, and applies her training, expertise, and unmatched interpersonal skills to each interaction.  She also leverages her degree in Business Administration to maximize effectiveness in real estate.  She is repeatedly ranked amongst the top real estate professionals in the area.

The Hamiltons have lived in gorgeous New Mexico for nearly 20 years.  They love the desert for the outdoor recreational opportunities; mountains for the serenity and magnificent views, the friendly and engaging people of the community, and the eclectic wildlife!  Whether you are currently a local resident or merely considering joining the community, Jim and Sharon will be thrilled to learn about your real estate needs and work with you to develop a plan to achieve your goals before assisting you in your search for the perfect home or property.  The Hamiltons are the skilled and caring sales professionals you need by your side to make your dreams a reality. They use modern technologies, their extensive educations, and an unyielding work ethic to deliver a custom tailored, client-centered experience.  Working alongside Jim and Sharon, outstanding results are yours!